Tor Bay Harbour

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Tor Bay is a beautiful natural Harbour providing shelter from winds and waves from the westerly sector. Its natural protection has traditionally allowed ships to anchor in the Bay for shelter. The Bay also has three enclosed Harbours (Torquay, Brixham and Paignton), all of which have visitor facilities; however Torquay has the largest amount of visitor berths.


Anchorage within Tor Bay is free for private vessels however we ask that consideration is given to avoiding anchoring in known seagrass field areas. Anchoring is strictly prohibited within the enclosed Harbours or approaches.

During the summer season four visitor mooring buoys are positioned within Fishcombe Cove at the southern side of Tor Bay. These have been put in to encourage boat owners not to drop anchors in this seagrass area.

All three enclosed Harbours can be contacted on VHF Channel 14.