Tor Bay Harbour

Harbour Masters Notice 24/19

Partial collapse of obsolete fuel Jetty - Brixham Harbour

Harbour Masters Notice 03/19

Victoria Breakwater Sea Defence Works Update

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Swing moorings

These moorings are at Brixham harbour only and are located in the main harbour area west of the Breakwater and either side of the main fairway. A mooring buoy is connected by chain to ground chains at the base of the harbour; vessels connect a strop from the buoy to their bow.

Price £137.41 per metre per annum.

Vessel size Available moorings Waiting list
Up to 6.1 metres 2 Open
6.1 to 9.15 metres 1 Open
9.15 to 12.2 metres 3 Open
12.2 to 15.24 metres 5 Open
Over 15.24 metres 2 Open