Torquay Roadworks - Diversion Route & Details

Works to begin on Monday 5 February 2024. Torbay Council expect this phase of the project to take 18-weeks. 

Please note these works are not being carried out by Tor Bay Harbour Authority.

For any enquiries please contact Montel Group or Highways highways@​

Please follow this link Harbour Public Realm project to learn more about the works and diversions in place.


Tor Bay Harbour

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The waters of Tor Bay are blessed with some amazing places, wildlife and marine life.


Spring and summer are a busy time for Torbay’s seabirds. At Berry Head the South Coasts’ largest colony of Guillemots can be seen from the headland or from reputable cruises.

Cormorants and Shags are found in good numbers on Thatcher’s Rock and the Ore Stone, whilst small numbers of Kittiwake can still be found.

An area of coastal waters lying to the south of Berry Head headland has been designated as an area of special protection for the seabird colony. It is a statutory requirement that boats stay out of the area of special protection between the 25th March and 31st July to avoid disturbing the nesting seabirds.

Marine Life

Tor Bay has an amazing diversity of marine life. The sheltered limestone and sandstone shores, unusual geology and warm climate provide a home to an exceptional array of species.

Within Tor Bay’s blue waters you may discover burrowing anemones, brittle starfish, heart urchins and meadows of seagrass. The rockpools are rich with shore crabs, pipefish, sea squirts, sea slugs and the ferocious velvet swimming crab! Goodrington Sands, Corbyn’s Head, Shoalstone, Preston and Meadfoot are ideal spots for rockpooling.

If you do go out rockpooling please remember the Seashore Code:

Dolphins, Porpoises and Basking Sharks

Dolphins, porpoises and basking sharks are frequent visitors to the sheltered waters of the Bay. Please follow this code of conduct when watching marine mammals:

Please be aware that under the 1981 Wildlife and Countryside Act, it is an offence to disturb or endanger dolphins, porpoises and basking sharks.