Torquay Roadworks - Diversion Route & Details

Works to begin on Monday 5 February 2024. Torbay Council expect this phase of the project to take 18-weeks. 

Please note these works are not being carried out by Tor Bay Harbour Authority.

For any enquiries please contact Montel Group or Highways highways@​

Please follow this link Harbour Public Realm project to learn more about the works and diversions in place.


Tor Bay Harbour

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Tor Bay Harbour Authority operationally manages the three enclosed harbours of Brixham, Torquay and Paignton.

The Authority is an individual section of Torbay Council, responsible for providing a comprehensive, efficient and effective service within the statutory harbour of Tor Bay.

The Harbour Committee is responsible for managing the finances of Tor Bay Harbour including the setting of harbour charges and ensuring that the reserve funds are kept at an appropriate level. Members also approve and monitor the Harbour's business plan and address any issues relating to performance. It is made up of 9 voting members of the Council and 5 external non-voting advisors.

The Committee are also designated as the 'Duty Holder' for the Port Marine Safety Code and therefore accountable for Tor Bay Harbours compliance to the code. 

The Committee meets quarterly throughout the year and works closely with the Tor Bay Harbour Masters and appointed officers, to manage and maintain the service to the highest possible standard.


Details of the Committee including the membership, calendar of meetings, minutes and agendas of past and future meetings can be found on the Harbour Committee page of the Torbay Council website.

Terms of reference

To determine all matters relating to the strategic management of the Council’s function as a Harbour Authority, in line with the Tor Bay Harbour Port Masterplan, the Council’s Policy Framework. Specifically the Committee will:

  1. manage all of the Harbour’s financial matters in accordance with approved financial procedures and the Council’s aspirations for the harbour to be self financing as outlined in the Tor Bay Harbour Port Masterplan and including (but not limited to):
    1. the setting of harbour charges from time to time (including in-year changes to the schedule) normally following consultation with the relevant Harbour Liaison Forums;
    2. approving the annual revenue budgets within the ring-fenced harbour accounts;
    3. receiving quarterly budget monitoring reports and to approve variances as appropriate; and
    4. monitoring the harbour reserve funds and to seek to ensure that the funds are kept above an appropriate minimum contingency level and ensure the harbour remains self-financing;
  1. to act as Duty Holder for the purposes of the Port Marine Safety Code, the accountability for which cannot be assigned or delegated;
  2. approve and monitor a business plan for Tor Bay Harbour, in line with the Council’s policy framework, and address any issues relating to performance;
  3. review these terms of reference annually and request the Council to make any necessary amendments and/or additions;
  4. review annually the powers delegated to the Head of Tor Bay Harbour Authority and refer any proposed changes to the Council for determination. The Committee itself shall not authorise any changes;
  5. consider any other matters referred to the Committee by the Head of Tor Bay Harbour Authority;
  6. establish any sub-committee or working parties as the Committee sees fit, in particular, a Harbour Appointments Sub-Committee for the recruitment of advisors;
  7. recommend the format, composition and governance of the Harbour Liaison Forums and keep the arrangements under review;
  8. to provide strategic direction to the Head of Tor Bay Harbour Authority and the Leader of the Council in relation to those assets within Tor Bay Harbour and the harbour estate that is managed by Tor Bay Harbour Authority.; and
  9. appoint advisors following receipt of recommendations from the Harbour Appointments Sub-Committee. Appointments will be merit-based and be in accordance with the Local Protocol for members of the Harbour Committee.


7 members of the Council in accordance with the political balance requirements, plus up to five external non-voting advisors appointed by the Committee on a four-year term.

(Group Leaders will be asked to take account of the geographical spread of members in making appointments to the Committee)

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