Tor Bay Harbour

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A community cleanup is a great way to show that you care about your local environment; it will also encourage other local residents not to litter and to take a pride in their area.

You could just do a little bit on your visits to the beach with your family or friends. Alternatively you could join an existing group or start one yourself. There are many litter picking groups all across the UK that you can join and spend an hour or so each week or month cleaning up your local area.

Litteraction is a national campaign which has 100's of volunteer groups set up for people to join.

Find a litteraction group 

The Cleaner Coast Initiative work to prevent and reduce marine litter pollution in Torbay and rely on help from volunteers. Contact them via their Facebook page to see how you can get involved. 

The Marine Conservation Society operates two different campaigns. There is a once a year Great British Beach Clean, and the Beachwatch campaign which involves up to four beach cleans and surveys a year.

If you call us when you decide to organise a litter pick it may be possible to arrange for the litter to be collected when your beach clean has finished.

A community beach clean in progress

Safety first!

Whilst we appreciate your help, you should always put the safety of yourself and your family or friends first.

To report the presence of hazardous items on the beach, please call 01803 701318.