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Refitting vessels

From 16 June 2020

All vessels intending to refit in Brixham harbour are reminded of the obligation to liaise with the Harbour Office in advance to arrange a suitable berth on which to undertake the refit. Vessels that commence refits without first seeking such permission may be directed to vacate the berth if it is subsequently required for operational reasons.


Owners and Masters of vessels are reminded that they should not take any steps to render their vessel incapable of movement without first notifying the Harbour Authority (byelaw 48). They must also obtain a ‘Hot Works’ permit prior to any welding or burning operations while alongside (byelaw 60).


Berths available for refit include:


Refits should not take place on any landing berth, or fuel berths, or the ‘fuel dump end’ as these are all required to accommodate fishing operations.

Adam Parnell

Tor Bay Harbour Master