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Tor Bay Harbour

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Radio reporting in Tor Bay Harbour

From 08 October 2020

This Notice replaces NtM 49/19 dated 23 August 2019, which is cancelled.

Radio reporting in Tor Bay Harbour
Valid from 08th Oct 2020 until further notice

  1. Mariners are reminded of the requirement to set watch on VHF channel 14 when within Tor Bay Harbour limits.
  2. Commercial vessels are required to contact the appropriate harbour (Torquay, Brixham or Paignton) on the following occasions:
    1. To request permission to enter an enclosed harbour;
    2. To request to move between berths within a harbour;
    3. To request permission to leave a berth for sea / transit to another harbour.
  1. Commercial fishing vessels are requested to provide advance notice of their arrival to Brixham harbour either by email to (if giving more than 24 hours’ notice) or by telephone on 07768553881 (for less than 24 hours’ notice) if out of VHF range.

Adam Parnell

Tor Bay Harbour Master