Tor Bay Harbour Services telephone numbers

From 5 of May 2021 we changed the phone numbers used for Tor Bay Harbour Services.  There will be one general and administration enquiries number for both Harbours and Beaches this will be 01803 208443 which will be open Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm.

For all out of hours emergency enquiries please contact SWISCo on 01803 701310.

Tor Bay Harbour

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Both the Blue Flag organisation and the Marine Conservation Society demand strict standards for their water quality of an award beach.

Awards are given to beaches where 80-90% of at least 20 water samples taken during the summer season the previous year comply with international standards for safe bathing water. In addition, there must be no gross pollution by sewage or other waste including litter or industrial or urban discharge between high and low water.

The standards for water quality are due to change in 2015 as a result of the revised bathing water directive.

The waters in Torbay are tested by the Environment Agency Opens with samples being taken at intervals throughout the bathing season.