Torquay Roadworks - Diversion Route & Details

Works to begin on Monday 5 February 2024. Torbay Council expect this phase of the project to take 18-weeks. 

Please note these works are not being carried out by Tor Bay Harbour Authority.

For any enquiries please contact Montel Group or Highways highways@​

Please follow this link Harbour Public Realm project to learn more about the works and diversions in place.


Tor Bay Harbour

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Tor Bay Harbour Authority incorporates three harbours and twenty-two miles of coastline, all of which are frequented by not only residents of Torbay but also thousands of visitors ranging from commercial vessels, cruise ships, fishing vessels and leisure vessels each year.

With the number of guests coming to the Bay being as it is there will be, from time to time, occasions when personal items are lost or left unattended. With the changes to the way in which found property is handled nationally in 2019 it is necessary that all Authority employees are aware of the correct handling procedure for surrendered/found property. This policy is to prevent misunderstanding and mishandling as well as to protect staff from allegations of malicious or illegal possession of found items.


Lost Property

Any item of personal property or professional equipment that has, for any reason other than malicious action, been misplaced or otherwise separated from its owner.

Found Property

Items left behind by an owner either by accident or design which hold an intrinsic value and have been moved/removed from the area either for protection or on the assumption it has been lost by the owner. For this possession to be lawful, steps must be taken to identify/locate the rightful owner and if possible return the property. This is particularly important within the Harbour environment due to the nature of the work where expensive equipment may be left for long periods of time.

Requirements of Law

For 86 years Police have been primarily responsible for property found by the public, until 1 February 2019 following a governmental review consulting 29 of the 43 police services nationwide. The policy for police was changed removing the responsibility from them and placing it on finders/landlords/business owners to deal with property ethically. Police will still, however, accept responsibility for:

Items surrendered to Authority staff must only be accepted on the understanding that the ‘Finder’ has taken reasonable steps to locate the owner in the vicinity and that the property will be dealt with in accordance with this policy.

Finders are not obliged to surrender found property to Harbour Authority staff and may wish to locate the owner themselves, but they may report, in case of enquiry, so personal details and property description can be recorded where possible. Any attempts to locate the owner would become their responsibility, (as will complying with the Law) though the Harbour Authority may assist with social media bulletins. In cases such as these the same procedure should be followed so any Owner can be reunited with their property.

Property Handling