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The varied geology of the Geopark and relative shelter of Tor Bay makes for a varied and interesting coastline with an abundance of
coves and underwater features to be explored. Favourites with local clubs and for the less experienced are Babbacome Bay, Fairy Cove
(adjacent to Paignton Harbour) and the outside of Brixham Breakwater, all of which provide access to a diverse range of marine life. Shoalstone Reef, Thatcher Rock and the waters around Berry Head offer challenges for the more experienced and adventurous of divers.

There is a great variety of marine life to be seen in the Bay with corals, sponges, sea anemones, fish and marine crustaceans, as well as unusual environmental features such as the flowering seagrass beds.

One of the Bay’s most noted diving features is the wreck of German submarine U-269 sunk in 1944 by HMS Bickerton.

Give it a go... 

There are several facilities providing training by way of pool taster sessions or try dives to get you started. These are generally followed by open water and theory courses that will get you qualified to PADI or BSAC standards. There are local clubs that offer frequent trips within the Bay and to wrecks, reefs and pinnacles further afield for divers of all levels of experience. As well as dives there are also regular club nights and social events for non-diving members. 

For experienced divers there is a variety of dive charter companies within the Bay.

There is a Code of Conduct leaflet available for diving produced by SeaTorbay.

Local Clubs