Tor Bay Harbour

Harbour Masters Notice 10/18

Vessel Interaction in Tor Bay Harbour

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Paignton Harbour was established in the 18th Century, the local Council has managed the harbour since 1935. Paignton was a thriving fishing harbour for many years and some of the old traditions of seamanship are kept alive and passed on through generations of locals. Today the harbour remains a hive of activity, especially during the summer months and a vast range of different users enjoy the benefits of this unassuming maritime gem. Its understated beauty and authentic ‘fishing haven’ feel are often overlooked by visitors and some locals.

Paignton Harbour Festival was set up by a community of people who shared their love for Paignton Harbour and wanting to share this hidden gem with the local people and guests to the southwest.

One day of a full family fun day with the best local produce, demo stage with fantastic local chef, 100 seated pop up restaurant and the maritime history of the Harbour.

Age range: All ages

South Quay, Paignton Harbour, Paignton, TQ4 6DT