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Harbour Masters Notice 24/19

Partial collapse of obsolete fuel Jetty - Brixham Harbour

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Extinguished Navigational Lights at Mussel Farm, Brixham

From 19 December 2019

Mariners are advised that the two special Navigational Marks are extinguished at the Mussel Farm, north of Seven Quarries, Brixham. Contractors have been advised and will be rectified as soon as possible.  


The position of the two markers are as follows - 

North Western Mark - 050° 24.43 North  003° 32.40 West

North Eastern Mark - 50° 24.43 North 003° 31.62 West 


Mariners will be advised once the repairs to the lights have been completed.  


Adam Parnell

Tor Bay Harbour Master