Tor Bay Harbour

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29’ers Championship

From 07 August 2022 until 13 August 2022

The Royal Torbay Yacht Club will be hosting the 29’er National Championships from 7th August to 13th August 2022.  

There will be approximately 40 sailing dinghies competing each day launching from Torquay Harbour around 10 am.

The course area will depend on the wind direction and strength on the day but will be south of Haldon Pier Torquay.

The event will be overseen by the RTYC committee boat Mary Gurine which will be monitoring VHF ch 77.

During the event mariners are to keep clear of the course and are reminded that the International Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea will apply at all times.

Rob Parsons

Tor Bay Harbour Master