Deckchairs and Sun Loungers for sale

We still have some Deckchairs and Sun Loungers for sale, Deckchairs for £5 each and Sun Loungers for £10 each.

Please call 01803 208443 or email if you are interested or would like any more information.

Tor Bay Harbour

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Reef Enhancement Buoys

From 05 June 2021

Please be aware that ARC Marine have placed eleven reef enhancement cubes at the north of Tor Bay. The cubes are marked with large grey buoys and are clustered close together just north of the scallop farm within the area marked by the red marks on the chart plot below.

The longitude and Latitude of the four points are:

50° 26.957N  003° 29.640W

50° 26.990N  003° 29.624W

50° 27.030N  003° 29.570W

50° 26.971N  003° 29.543W

Adam Parnell

Tor Bay Harbour Master