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Tor Bay Harbour

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Scientific Experimentation Tor Bay Harbour

From 04 May 2020

“Mariners are advised that until further notice, concrete blocks have been placed on the seabed within Tor Bay to facilitate scientific experimentation in the following positions:


50° 26.90' N 03° 29.63' W

50° 26.90' N 03° 29.67' W

50° 26.92' N 03° 29.63' W

50° 26.92' N 03° 29.67' W


Or in degree decimals:

50.448333, -3.493833

50.448333, -3.494500

50.448667, -3.494500

50.448667, -3.493833


Mariners are advised that these may post a snagging hazard to nets, lines, trawls or other underwater apparatus that is towed or placed near or on the seabed and should avoid underwater operations in the vicinity of these positions.”



Adam Parnell

Tor Bay Harbour Master