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Tor Bay wave buoy position - Reminder

From 09 June 2020

This is a reminder of the licensed position of the Tor Bay wave buoy. License position as below:




Tor Bay



With reference to the Tor Bay wave buoy (Figure 1), part of the Regional Coastal Monitoring Programmes, Plymouth Coastal Observatory kindly requests mariners:

- Give 200m minimum clearance from the buoy;

- Refrain from deploying any fishing gear in the vicinity to reduce the danger of entanglement and equipment loss;

- Do not moor to any part of the deployed mooring or buoy.

The buoy is moored using a rotational, and therefore tidally influenced, mooring design with two 15m rubber bungees close to the surface (Figure 2). Mariners are requested to not pass within 200m to the buoy to avoid the danger of vessel entanglement or mooring damage.

The wave buoy is 0.90m in diameter and is painted yellow. The buoy has a yellow flashing LED light on top of a 2m long HF aerial transmitter (flashing 5 times every 20 seconds). In addition, the buoy is equipped with radar reflectors. The words NO MOORING and Channel Coastal Observatory are displayed on the buoy.

If you have questions or if you notice anything wrong with the buoy, please contact the Harbour office.

Adam Parnell

Tor Bay Harbour Master