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Safe use of slipways

From 01 May 2021 until 30 April 2022

Typical safety chain installations using single and double chains

Whenever using the slipway please take time to read the safety advice signage. Check the suitability and road worthiness of your trailer, check that your boat is sufficiently secured to the trailer, and double check that the tow hitch is safely attached with a safety chain applied.

It is especially important to confirm that there is a match between the tow hitch on your vehicle and the attaching ball-hitch on the trailer. US trailers have a larger cup size. The ISO standard tow ball is 50 mm in diameter but trailers manufactured in North America could be designed to fit a larger towing ball size.

Ensure that you have sufficient helpers who are competent in what they are doing and positioned alongside the trailer in view of the driver of the towing vehicle. Under no circumstances should anybody remain in the boat when it is being moved up or down the slipway.

Always ensure that the slipway is clear of people before a launch or recovery is attempted.

Always lock the coupler or use a hitch pin with a safety device to prevent unintentional disconnection of the trailer.

Never overload the trailer. If in doubt please ask the harbour staff for advice or assistance.

Adam Parnell

Tor Bay Harbour Master