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Wild swimming is about taking advantage of the best that local waters have to offer in terms of both the landscape and its flora and fauna. 

Devon is a popular location within the wild swimming community with many beach, estuary and river swimming opportunities. Tor Bay is gaining in popularity for this sport due to its varied scenery and marine life combined in sheltered and safe waters.

To really appreciate the Bay, you need to swim away from busy beaches and encounter sea life in its element. Popular spots in Tor
Bay for exploration include the spectacular limestone formations between Torquay’s Beacon Cove and Meadfoot Beach, the towering red sandstone cliffs between Oddicombe and Maidencombe and, for the most adventurous, the sea caves at Berry Head.

All ages and abilities can take part within the limits of their capabilities and with a keen eye on safety, as the support of beach lifeguards isn’t on hand. 

To link up with other wild swimmers try the websites listed below, plus Facebook where there are many established local groups.

For a first foray into organised sea swimming why not try the Agatha Christie Sea Swim that takes place in September each year in Support of Devon Air Ambulance Trust and Torbay Surf Life Saving Club.

What you need 

Swimming costume, a wetsuit for the colder months or, if you intend staying in the water for a long session, a pair of wetsuit boots or water shoes, sea swimming goggles to make the most of the underwater sights, tide tables and a tidal atlas to ensure you’re using the
conditions to your advantage.  The Outdoor Swimming Society suggests you ask the following questions before embarking on any outing:

As with most other waterborne activities don’t go alone and always tell someone where you’re going and when you expect to return.