Tor Bay Harbour

Harbour Masters Notice 10/18

Vessel Interaction in Tor Bay Harbour

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When planning a visit to Torquay Harbour it’s always advisable to radio ahead on VHF Channel 14 to check availability of visitor berthing, especially during busy weekends in the summer season or during large maritime events.

You’ll find useful information about Tor Bay Harbour and the approaches to the three enclosed harbours of Torquay, Brixham and Paignton on Admiralty Chart No. 26 - ‘Harbours on the South Coast of Devon’.

However grand or modest your craft may be, please ensure that you navigate safely and observe the maximum harbour speed limit of 5 knots. Your boat’s wash can be particularly damaging to nearby vessels alongside.

Please be respectful of other commercial and leisure harbour users and refrain from using alternative vacant berths…it will belong to someone! Anchoring in either of Tor Bay’s enclosed harbours (or approaches) is strictly prohibited!

First, an important safety note once ashore…

Torquay is a ‘working’ Harbours and visitors should read and abide by any safety signs and information to apprise themselves of potential hazards or dangers. Please pay particular attention when approaching any pier edge or unfenced areas. There are ladders, grab chains and steps located around the Harbour for getting out of the water. Lifebuoys are strategically located around the perimeter to assist in the rescue of a person in the water. Whilst several areas are pedestrianised, keep a watchful eye for delivery vehicles, trucks, fork-lifts and of course boats and trailers!

Approaches and berthing

The approach to Torquay Harbour is straightforward.

Visitors should radio ‘TORQUAY HARBOUR’ on VHF channel 14 for specific berthing instructions prior to arrival. This popular location can get extremely busy during the summertime, so please contact the Torquay Harbour Office for further advice. A phone call (01803 292429) beforehand is advisable.

The ‘Town Dock’ is immediately in front of you as you enter the harbour. Navigate the fairway keeping Haldon Pier to starboard. This is also the approach to the harbour slipway. Visitor pontoons will soon appear alongside the Town Dock on your port side - look for ‘V’ on the white pile caps to guide you. You can exit the Town Dock via the gangway onto Beacon Quay and make your way to the nearby Harbour Office. Here you will receive harbour and local information plus a visitor code providing Town Dock entry and access to the toilet and shower facilities.

Over to starboard, a 96 metre visitor pontoon with safe gangway access is located alongside Haldon Pier (between May & September).

The visitor pontoons may sometimes be used for hosting various Maritime Events during the summer season, so it’s prudent to check availability beforehand. The Harbour Authority does not accept advanced visitor bookings, so all visitor berths are available on a ‘first come first served’ basis.

Visiting vessels also have the option to visit Torquay Marina (01803 200210) or VHF Channel 80 calling ‘TORQUAY MARINA’ as an alternative venue.

Subject to demand, visitors may be required to raft-up on vessels of a similar size, especially during the peak holiday weeks and bank holiday weekends. There is no discount for rafting up!

Water and electricity points are available for visitor berthing on a first come first served basis. You will need to provide your own electric cable or hose pipe. Electric cards can be purchased from the Harbour Office. There are also toilet and shower facilities available for visiting mariners 24hrs a day.