Tor Bay Harbour

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Charges at Torquay Harbour
Facilities/Services Charges
Boat Park (Under 6m LOA* - multi hull) £88.66 per metre LOA*
Boat Park (Under 6m LOA*) £68.66 per metre LOA*
Car Parking Permit for Beacon Quay £500.00 per year or part
Inner Harbour £178.94 per metre berth
Jet Ski Pods £730.00 per pod
Quayside Storage (on or off trailer) £2.89 per metre LOA* per day
Town Dock £237.77 per metre berth
Use of Slipway to dry out £3.45 per metre LOA* per day
Waiting List Registration fee for Inner Harbour/Town Dock/Jet Ski Pods £25.00

*Length over all