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Harbour Masters Notice 10/18

Vessel Interaction in Tor Bay Harbour

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K6 and Viper National Championships

From 13 September 2018 until 17 September 2018

Torquay will be hosting the K6 and Viper Championships during the above dates. This event will comprise of 12 racing dinghies competing around a marked course south of Torquay Harbour which will be set on each day of racing due to the prevailing weather conditions.

Racing will commence at the following times and will be observed by safety vessels stationed around the course. These vessels will be monitoring VHF channel 72 and 77, the lead call sign for safety craft will be “Mary Gurine”.

Thursday 13th September

Race Starts        12:00 pm

2 races back to back


Friday 14th September

Race Starts         11:00 am

3 races back to back


Saturday 15th September

Race Starts         11:00 am

3 races back to back


Sunday 16th September

Race Starts         10:30 am

2 races back to back


Mariners are advised to keep well clear of this racing fleet and are reminded that the International Regulations for Prevention of Collisions at Sea will apply at all times during this event.


Adam Parnell

Tor Bay Harbour Master