Tor Bay Harbour

Harbour Masters Notice 10/18

Vessel Interaction in Tor Bay Harbour

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Fishing Pot Markers

From 15 May 2017 until 01 April 2018

All vessels undertaking fishing activities within Tor Bay Harbour are reminded that the use of fishing pots and net marker buoys are not permitted within the harbour limits under bye-laws part II no 21 articles moored to buoys:

No timber, trees, wood, spars or shell-fish storage boxes or pots or other articles or things whatsoever (other than vessels) shall be moored to the buoys or placed in any part of an enclosed harbour without the permission of the Harbour Master.

and bye-law part V no 79 (ii) spreading nets No person shall:

within an enclosed harbour or on any part of the harbour estate set boulters, spinners, or ground lines, trammel, set net, seine, trawl or snares of any description for the capture of fish.

Incidents that occur as a result of marker buoys or pots laid within the harbour limits will render the owner of the pots uninsured and liable for any damage caused.

Any marker buoys or pots found within the enclosed harbour limits, or close to the fairway approaches will be removed by Tor Bay Harbour Authority.

Kevin Mowat

Harbour Master