Tor Bay Harbour

Harbour Masters Notice 10/18

Vessel Interaction in Tor Bay Harbour

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Within Brixham’s outer harbour, there are 250 deepwater swing moorings divided by the central fairway. 

Moorings found on the Oxen Cove side of the main fairway cater for vessels from 20 feet up to 100 feet loa. Vessels located within the Breakwater side of the Fairway are generally up to 70 feet loa.

The inner harbour is tidal provides for 51 trot moorings. This area offers fifty ‘fore and aft’ moorings for vessels up to 35 feet long.

Current vacancies

Inner Harbour

  • Currently full

Outer Harbour

  • 1 x 100 ft
  • 1 x 60 ft
  • 3 x 50 ft
  • 3 x 40 ft
  • 16 x 20-30 ft
  • 19 x up to 20 ft


Please contact us with thefollowing information to help us establish the correct type of facility, or identify which waiting list to join.